KÄÄNNÖSPAJA (or “Translator’s Workshop”) is a small and diligent translation agency based in Kuhmo, near the Finnish-Russian border. We offer translation services from Russian and English into Finnish and vice versa.

Our speciality is AUTHORIZED TRANSLATIONS (official translations accepted by authorities) in the language pairs Russian-Finnish and Finnish-Russian.

We provide our translation and interpreting services mainly for regional businesses and organisations as well as private customers. Our services cover a variety of fields, ranging from general technical texts to personal documents (i.e. immigration, schooling), general business and legal matters, health care, culture, tourism and journalism. Within our resources, translation assignments are taken in from all over Finland and from abroad.

The aim of “Käännöspaja” is to offer its clients quality translations with flexible schedules and personal service. University level training in the field of linguistics and translation and over 15 years of professional experience, form the basis for the quality of our output. Translations from Finnish into English and Russian are subject to proofreading by native speakers with linguistic training, before the delivery to the customer.



• Translations Russian–Finnish–Russian
• Authorization of translations Russian–Finnish–Russian
• Translations English–Finnish–English


Consecutive interpretation Russian–Finnish–Russian
• at negotiations and meetings
• in legal and police matters
• community interpretation for immigrants

Consecutive and community interpretation English–Finnish–English

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Käännöspaja - Outi Pollari
Ruukintie 7, FIN-88900 KUHMO, FINLAND
Mobile +358 40 7421 847
E-mail: outi.pollari@kuhmo.net

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